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Featherstone Two Wheels Green Delivery is more than a pollution-free way of moving stuff—it fits in with my ideas on environmental sustainability (I really like the idea of moving things without having to go to the gas station) and combines my life-long love of cycling and the outdoors while helping small businesses.

Using a bicycle and cargo trailer, I deliver goods around the city of Toronto: vegan meals, fair trade coffee and other foods and goods. My customers’ products and services are ethical, local and environmentally sound. I enjoy connecting with the Toronto food community, and providing my customers with a green transportation alternative.

Ideally the partnership will be a regular, daily, weekly, or bi-weekly delivery, this allows for us to create an efficient schedule that suits your delivery needs. Featherstone 2 wheels green delivery is available for on call same day delivery if time is available. Pricing is per km as noted on the map, or if you have a route with over 5 drops we can figure otu a per delivery fee. Minimum delivery fee is $10. There can be extra fees if handling food, hauling extra heavy loads, and doing multiple drops (from $2.00 – $6.00 depending on the situation).

Some of Two Wheels’ customers include:

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  1. Hi,

    Great idea… and thanks to AutoShare for bringing your service to our attention in their recent members newsletter.

    We’re just East of Woodbine at Gerrard – let us know when you can deliver things to our location.

    Also to be clear – your pricing is based on distance from the pick-up point to drop off point?


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